Social Media

Well, we don’t really need everything (let’s be honest, what do we truly need in life?!) BUT there still are a few tools, trends, and possibilities that it would be inadvisable to ignore.
For example, social media increases the chances of making contact with your target group online and takes the type of communication to a whole new level – making it a dialogue, rather than a one-sided conversation.

When these factors work together perfectly, it always results in success. “Social media” doesn’t just mean the social media channels themselves: Ideally, the perfect strategy has a sound foundation.
This includes a clear corporate identity and targeted marketing and PR activities.
All of this means a well-balanced, cross-media marketing mix is indispensable.

By carrying out a personal analysis, we’ll help you discover which tools from the world of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., are best suited for your purposes and work with you to develop a clear strategy and editorial plan.

  • Analysis of the current situation (initial analysis)
  • Determining goals and target group
  • Selecting the most suitable channels
  • Creating a content strategy
  • Implementation & community management
  • Monitoring & results analysis
  • Reaction, adjustment, and optimization


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Content Strategie
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Community Management
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Social Advertising
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Monitoring / Social Listening