“It can’t be done”? We beg to differ. Well, OK, fine, there are limits to what’s technically possible...
But before we ever admit defeat (which almost never happens), we always investigate every possible way of implementing our customers’ wishes and bringing their project to life with lots of creativity, skill, and expert consultation – professional and on schedule.

By the way: We are just as familiar with virtual events as we are with the traditional ones on-site.
Reach your customers at home at any time - with your virtual exhibition, your virtual symposium, live streams or meetings and conference calls. We provide you with the necessary know-how and technology!

Because our experience has proven that there simply aren’t that many useful tools available for this, we’ve whipped up a few of our own. They enable us to support you in the following areas using our own software:

  • TED system plus smartphone coordination
  • Smartphone and SMS feedback tool for questions from the audience
  • Easy PPT presentation-management software
  • Easy Stream digital presentation-room signage
  • Online videos (on demand) of presentations

Our wide spectrum of services is the optimum foundation here – because print and online activities frequently play an important role in concept creation, in addition to the purely technical aspects.
We can assist you with (major) events, conferences, and livestreaming, and/or offer technical support – virtual and on-site.

We’re also happy to offer your company the use of these technologies for a longer period of time through permanent media installations, rental, or purchase.


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